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Raw Processing

When it comes to color correction, Jamie’s goal is twofold: ensure well-balanced, natural looking images throughout your clients portfolio, and match your creative style (through approved samples and a profile created just for you). Her raw processing services always include the following with each image processed individually: industry-standard white balance, consistency between images and cameras, solid white and black points within the image, and proper exposure/density.

All color services include delivery of XMP files for all proprietary RAW and DNG files
$0.50 per image

Custom Color

This service is for photographers with preferences that go beyond standard raw processing, or use any custom presets, such as VSCO Film or Totally Rad presets. Jamie is happy to work with you to create a look that is entirely your own. Please note, for retail presets the photographer must own the original paid version of those presets or the edits will not appear.

Black and Whites: When submitting your order, please indicate either a number or percentage of images you’d like converted to black and white. If you have any preferences on which images should or shouldn’t be converted, be sure to let Jamie know. With the help of virtual copies in Lightroom, Jamie can provide you with both black and white as well as color versions of any/all images.

Crop/Straighten: Sometimes it’s hard to get an image completely straight out of the camera. Jamie can find images with crooked horizons or peripheral distractions, and straighten/crop accordingly.

Sharpening: Jamie uses the Photokit sharpener preset for input, creative, and output sharpening, as per the photographer’s request

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