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Image Selection

Let Jamie cull your images from thousands to only the best of the best!

Start by providing a target range for images – the minimum and maximum amount of files you would like to deliver to your client.
$0.10 per image sent in for review
(minimum combined order total of $35.00 for all services requested)


Jamie will use your target range to ensure that there is enough variety within your clients portfolio, by viewing each image individually and side by side. She uses Lightroom’s flags, star ratings, and color labels to “remove” all obvious duplicates, unflattering expressions, technically unsalvageable files, misfires, etc. Be sure to let her know if you have any particular instructions – i.e: “keep all images of grandparents” or “keep two of each portrait”. Once she’s made her selects, she will move on to color correction or just send back XMP files so that you can review the images she has flagged to keep.


She can also categorize your images into collections using generic or custom folder names, i.e: getting ready, bridal portraits, ceremony, reception, etc – Great for uploading to gallery and proofing sites!
+$0.05 per image

jamie_shields_culling_3**Please note: for multiple camera shooters, or multiple associate shooters, a camera sync will be required before Jamie begins culling**

**Please resist temptation to rename your files while Jamie has them – it is best to rename before submission or after you get the files back**

Rush Service: for 1 business day rush, add 100% of order total for rush fee. for 2 business day rush add 50% of order total for rush fee



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